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Simon Coulson

I’m a full-time Internet entrepreneur who has taught thousands of people online about internet marketing.

I have learned to use a lot of different tools and software and have also done consulting part-time for those who want to learn more about website creation and Internet Marketing.

I love to teach people the skills that I have learned over the years.

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Knowing what you want from life and knowing how to phrase that desire is one of the most important and powerful things you can learn in order to start getting more from life.

When you have a goal, it gives you a blueprint, a trajectory, and a road map. Now all you have to do is to follow that map in order to find your way to that end destination and really… anything is possible.

This is what is missing for so many people. So many of us have that uneasy feeling that life could be better, that we aren’t 100% content with the status quo and yet we have no idea how to make it better. Why? Apart from anything else, we don’t know what we want!

How can you get what you want, if you don’t know what that is? And beyond that, it’s also just as important to know how to actual-ly go about phrasing what we want. This makes a huge difference and greatly improves or reduces our likelihood of actually achieving that thing.

Because there’s another scenario that is arguably even worse than not making any progress because we don’t know what we want And that is that we do make progress, we do achieve our goals… but then we realize that the thing we’ve accomplished was never really what we wanted at all!

This guide will show you how to ensure that doesn’t happen. It will teach you to write effective goals and then follow them through to completion.


To Teach Student How to Achieve Goals and Live a Life of Freedom

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Course Curriculum

Video training
What do you really wantFREE
0 Hours 3.17 minutes00:03
The wrong way to set goals
0 Hours 7.41 minutes00:07
Goal setting has been practiced throughout history
0 Hours 5.29 minutes00:05
Begin with the end in mind
0 Hours 7.04 minutes00:07
Kaizen Small changes that add up to big differences
0 Hours 4.41 minutes00:04
Using the law of attraction to get what you want
0 Hours 7.11 minutes00:07
Change your mindset and everything changes
0 Hours 9.26 minutes00:09
Face your fears and they melt away
0 Hours 6.17 minutes00:06
Getting your priorities in order
0 Hours 7.50 minutes00:07
Success in sports, success in life
0 Hours 5 minutes00:05

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